IPSC Style Targets are awesome real life scenario training tools. The IPSCS target line are great for both short pistol and long range rifle shooting. The targets are made with 3/8 inch thick, AR500 steel for longevity and are laser cut to give maximum strength while shooting. These targets are built to last and come in various sizes. They have two 1/2 inch holes for hanging on chain or you can purchase our BRK-IPSC2 bracket and target stand to complete your targeting system.

The IPSCS-100 is a full size target. This is a great all-round target while training short and long distances. Dimensions: 30"H x 18"W

The IPSCS-66 is 66% smaller than IPSCS-100 target. This is one of our most popular targets. It's easy to carry and it fits in a small car. Great target for transporting. Dimensions: 20"H x 12"W

The IPSCS-45 is 45% smaller than IPSCS-100 target. This target is another one of our popular targets because of price and size. Don't let this target's size fool you, it has all the same qualities as our other IPSCS Line targets making it a hit for our online shoppers because they fit nicely in a flat rate box. Our clients usually buy them in packs of six. Dimensions: 13.5"H x 8"W

The IPSCS-66CF is another great target for practicing center mass shooting. The chest flapper is 6 inches in diameter. The target comes with a pre-welded 2x2 post in the back of the target for easy mounting. Dimensions: 20"H x 12"W

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