Plinksters were designed to be knockdown targets for rimfire or pistol. Keep in mind though that these targets are still made with the same high quality AR500 steel as their larger steel target and gong counterparts. These are economical pricewise as well as easy to setup and transport. Their unique designs set them apart from others out there. The Plinkster line of targets were scaled at 22% which was based off of the 100% IPSC Style full size target. The targets are made with 3/8 inch thick, AR500 steel for longevity and are laser cut to give accurate design and maximum strength while shooting. Collect them all! Dimensions including the base are 6.25"H x 4"W to 6.5"H x 4"W depending on Plinkster.

Plinksters (From Left to Right) Thug, Conquistador, Cowboy, SE Original, Dictator, Guard, IPSC Style.

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