We currently carry three types of target stands to meet your shooting needs. They are made with carbon steel. Each model lets the user use standard home improvement center lumber to hang your paper or steel targets. The stands are compatible for the use of 1x2 and 2x2 lumber. We do not recommend shooting at them as they are not armor plated, but keeping them in good shape will give you years of enjoyment.

The BRK-1 was designed to hold our targets and was made to sit behind the target so there is little to no damage the bracket. The bracket works with standard 2x2 lumber found at your local home imporvement store and fits well with our TS-22 and TS-Combo target stands. The bracket can be tightened on the back to help secure your 2x2 lumber post. The BRK-1 bracket comes with the necessary hardware to hang your targets except the IPSC Style targets.
Note: lumber post(s) shown here are not included.

The BRK-IPSC2 is a special bracket to hold all of our IPSC Style Targets from 45% to 100%. This bracket is meant to be used in conjunction with the BRK-1 bracket. With both of these brackets combined, it creates the downward tilt needed for the safe deflection of bullets towards the ground. The brackets easily come apart so you can shoot other targets. The BRK-IPSC2 comes with the BRK-1, the BRK-IPSC bracket, and the necessary hardware to hang IPSC Style targets.
Note: lumber post(s), target stand and target shown here are not included.

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