Vendor Overview
SoCal Targetworks prides itself with giving our client’s customers with a product line that will give them both value for their money and provide a long lasting quality steel target. All of our targets are made with AR 500 3/8” thick steel, and nothing less. We did the research and found that 3/8” thick steel targets gives the customer with something that is thick enough to handle almost all pistol and rifle rounds and give more longevity. What sets us apart from other companies is that we laser cut all our steel targets giving the best possible cut and the least heat damage comparing to cnc plasma and torch cutting does, in turn gives your consumers with a product that is practical and within everyone’s price point. What this all means to you? Now you can sell steel target products that can increase your overall potential profits and increase in consumer return sales in selling our quality targets.

Private Label Products / Custom Products
If you would like to carry your own line of products, but don’t want to do all the legwork, let us help you design your line of products, and we can fabricate it to your specifications. We will work with your design department and create steel targets just for you. Set your company apart from the rest by carrying your own line of steel targets with your own private label. It will be another marketing tool to your advantage when your customer’s shooting buddies need targets and targeting accessories they know who to go to first. There is a minimum purchase order to have private label and custom targeting products.

Our ever growing product line consists of many steel targets that are made for recreational and professional shooters alike. Below is a general product offering:

IPSC Style Targets
Target Stands
Hanging Brackets
Custom Work Available

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